You are invited to join St. Luke's!
We are located at 346 High Street in Hope (next to the First Hope bank).

Services will be on Saturday evenings at 5 pm at St. Luke's 
and on Sunday mornings at 10 am at St. Mary's in Belvidere

is our sister church located at
408 Third Street, Belvidere
 Click on the church name for directions to St. Luke's or to St. Mary's churches. 

The Reverend Laura Matarazzo

 St. Luke's Episcopal Church - FaithStreet
What we're about...
Saint Luke's Church is a community dedicated to praising God and to making a difference in the world.  This is your church, and we welcome you to claim it.  Here we share the Good News of Jesus Christ - that God loves each of us, always has loved us and that the Kingdom is at hand.  Here no one is an outsider.

Here everyone is welcome at God's table.  After all, this is your church!
You will enjoy meeting our welcoming congregation, who will be happy to try to answer questions you may have.  But, remember no one here pretends to have all the answers about God and we'll never "throw the book at you".  Know also that people who attend this church come from a wide variety of religious backgrounds. You'll meet Lutherans, Roman Catholics, Presbyterians, Methodists and even a few Episcopalians.  No one is asked to jettison their heritage in order to attend or be a member of Saint Luke's.  Some have been life long church goers, but more haven't attended regularly before or at least since they were children.  There are couples and singles and, interestingly enough, about the same number of men as women.  What binds us together is a common commitment to help our children and ourselves grow closer to God and our neighbor.



Upcoming Events
Nov 15 5 pm Holy Connections service at St. Luke's

Nov 16 10 am Holy Communion service at St. Mary's

Nov 22 10 am - 1 pm Prayer Bead Workshop at St. Luke's

Nov 22 5 pm Holy Connections service at St. Luke's

Nov 23 10 am Ingathering service at St. Mary's

Nov 23 7 pm Thanksgiving Ecumenical service at St. Patrick's in Belvidere